The Los Altos Third Street Green will feature a pop-up park of synthetic turf, with chairs, tables and shade umbrellas, open to the public, for all to enjoy. The Green will host daily activities and special events targeted at multiple interests and age groups. Los Altos Forward, together with the City of Los Altos, several of our local community organizations, and sponsors aims for The Green to be a favorite event in Los Altos, with a goal to increase physical activity, social behavior, chance encounters, community cohesion, and increased retail activity within Los Altos. Join us!

STEERING COMMITEE // it takes a village

Robin Abrams, Los Altos Forward
Kim Cranston, Los Altos Forward
Bart Nelson, Los Altos Forward
Upuia Ahkiong, LAVA, Kua Body
Ellen Biolsi, LAVA, Cranberry Scoop
Nancy Bremeau, Los Altos Resident
Anne Johnston, Los Altos Community Investments
Allen Hall, Chamber of Commerce
Deb Hope, Los Altos Resident
Ramya Krishna, Los Altos Resident & Teen Advisor
Javin  Pombra, Los Altos Resident & Teen Advisor
Jennifer Quinn, City of Los Altos
Ali Cross, Giant Creative
Chris Esparza, Giant Creative